How to make Address links on work

To be able to join servers directly by clicking the links in the Address column on, you need to configure your OS to associate the zan:// URL scheme with a launcher.

This guide will be using Doomseeker as the launcher and assumes you already have it installed.

Guide for Linux:

Use your favorite text editor to create a file on the following path:


The contents of the file should be as follows (replace PATH_TO_DOOMSEEKER with the correct path to the doomseeker executable on your system):

[Desktop Entry]
Name=Doomseeker link handler
Exec=/PATH_TO_DOOMSEEKER/doomseeker --connect %u

Finally run the following command:

xdg-mime default doomseeker-link-handler.desktop x-scheme-handler/zan

Guide for Windows:

It is neccessary to edit the Windows registry to make a new URL scheme association.

The following subtree has to be created in the registry:

         (Default) = "URL:zandronum"
         URL Protocol = ""
                     (Default) = "PATH_TO_DOOMSEEKER\doomseeker.exe --connect %1"

To create this subtree automatically you can use this .reg file

Then start the Windows registry editor (regedit.exe) as administrator and navigate to the following path in the registry:


Double click the (Default) entry to edit the value. Replace PATH_TO_DOOMSEEKER with the path to the doomseeker executable on your system.

The result should look like this (except the path will be different):


Once the path to doomseeker.exe in the registry is correctly set the zan:// links should start working immediately.